When it comes to booking a vacation getaway to Charleston SC, deciding where to go and stay is the fun part. The daunting, and oh-so-familiar feeling that accompanies the big question of “What do I pack?” is the not-so-fun part.

For those of you who have not experienced a Charleston, SC summer, our number one advice is “less is best, while keeping it classy.” Not only is it hot, but the humidity often hits 90%. Afternoon showers are a daily occurrence, but they only last 30 minutes to an hour before its smooth sailing into a beautiful evening. The key to packing for a Charleston vacation is bringing clothes that are versatile – clothes that can be worn in the daytime and dressed up at night. The majority of people living in the greater Charleston area dress casually so don’t bring your Vegas gear, you may look a little bit out of place.

Don’t worry men; we have your back, too. This is not just for the ladies.

Whether you are staying in historic downtown Charleston or on Folly Beach, you are most likely going to spend the day by the water. Downtown can get a bit stuffy during the summer months, so the beach is the way to go. Typical beachwear can be expected here: bathing suit, sunglasses, flip-flops, hat etc. Don’t forget the football/soccer ball, sunscreen, beach towels or chairs and your favorite way to listen to your tunes – basically the essentials you already know about.

After a day at the beach, you are most likely going to go to a happy hour.  Even in the most casual of places, you don’t want to be just in your bathing suit and you still want to look good. This is where a cute cover-up for the ladies and a linen button down for the men come into play. Note: you must wear shoes at all Folly Beach establishments.

When in Charleston, getting a taste of the culinary experience is an absolute must. Whether you’re going to Folly Beach or downtown restaurants, white jeans and a blouse or a causal dress does the trick. Cute sandals or a little bit of a wedge is as fancy as you want to get. The sidewalks in downtown Charleston can be a bit uneven and, as the night goes on, seemingly harder to navigate, so wearing shoes that are comfortable and wont have you on the ground by the end of the night is a good idea.

For the men, that button down linen shirt or polo you wear for happy hour transitions just fine into the night.  Some bars and restaurants in downtown won’t let you in if you’re wearing flip-flops or a t-shirt, so if you plan on hitting the town, I suggest close-toed shoes, like docksiders or Swims.

So what do we recommend for packing?

You can’t go wrong when packing for a trip to Charleston SC – unless you have the urge to bring a winter coat. With year-round ideal weather and a casual, welcoming atmosphere, the Holy City is the perfect weekend getaway whether you’re exploring the history downtown or the relaxed feel of Folly Beach. Start planning your trip today and get your bags packed!