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Our Formula

We Take On A New Property...

Whether you are a "first time" renter or your property has been a rental for years, the first step with us starts with understanding your revenue goals then providing a detailed plan for booking management, maintenance and guest services. After that? Relax, we've got this!

We've created a step-by-step guide to make the onboarding process smooth and seamless.
Step 1
We Manage It As Our Own...

We apply the same expertise in managing your property as we do in managing our own. That means a schedule for routine maintenance, monthly owner statements, and unmistakable attention to detail. What sets us apart?

This booklet answers all of your FAQ's!
Step 2
Apply Our Award Winning Marketing...

Our dedicated team of marketing geniuses make sure your property is targeted to, attracts, and is booked by the high-end clientele it deserves. What other firm has garnered multiple AMA marketing awards 2 years in a row? So, how do we get the word out? By making sure that you are seen on every major booking site.

Check out this infographic on why it matters.
Step 3
And Increased Bookings...

With our "best in class" booking/management software, and our "Dynamic Pricing" tool, we can evaluate, automate, and maximize occupancy for unbooked days.

Find out how we've streamlined the booking process.
Step 4
Garner 5-Star Ratings...

It's true ... properties with consistently higher ratings can lead to higher occupancy rates and even command higher rental rates. But what goes into achieving 5-star ratings and what can you do to get them?

Read the article here.
Step 5
Provide Luxury Treatment For Our Guests...

You know what they say, "luxury - it's all in the details," and frankly we couldn't agree more! From posh surroundings, to luxury linens and concierge level service, we understand what goes into a luxury vacation, and why creating a positive first impression is crucial.

Read our insight on the blog.
Step 6
To Deliver Increased Revenue!

We've got a head for numbers. That's why we provide a complimentary Pro Forma for you to forecast your estimated net revenue and cash flow.

Let's talk! Request your free Pro Forma.
Step 7


We set out to be different from other real estate and property management firms in Charleston right from the beginning. First, as real estate investors, building a real estate portfolio of our own of homes on the downtown peninsula. We studied the market intensely, became experts at market value, opportunity, and investment potential in a growing Charleston real estate market. Next, we founded a construction company to keep costs in control and deliver uncompromising customer service. We added a real estate brokerage in order to share our expertise with clients seeking a home in Charleston and we launched a vacation rental management company after our clients asked for a way to continue their relationship with us. All of this designed with only one thing in mind – to be a singular resource for our clients, and to deliver an exceptional experience for buyers, vacationers and vacation home owners in Charleston SC.


Guest to Client

We are elated when our guests enjoy their time spent in Charleston, relaxing in one of our luxury vacation homes. We love it even more when, after their vacation has ended, they decide to buy a vacation home of their own in the area.

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Residence to Rental

Originally offered as a real estate listing that languished on the market, we purchased the Folly Beach property for a competitive price in impeccable condition, a result of having solely been used as a private residence.

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Revenue Under New Management

Our property, The View on Folly Beach is just one example of how our management can increase revenue for your property. Prior management’s net revenue in 2014 was $44,000.

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Your vacation home should be for creating memories - not headaches. Let the Luxury Simplified Retreats team handle all the details so that you can relax and enjoy your home to the fullest extent. From booking management, and guest services to routine maintenance and even storm preparations if needed, we are experts at property management and dedicated to getting every detail right. Find out why we are considered the leaders in luxury vacation property management in Charleston, SC.


    Discover Your Property's True Potential

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