Where do you think the guest experience begins? Is it the moment they begin traveling to their destination? Or is it when they officially reach the city limit sign, or roll down the car window and smell the ocean in the breeze? As short-term rental managers we believe the guest experience begins in all of those moments, not just when they arrive at the door to your incredible vacation home. That’s one of the reasons why the last thing a guest wants after an exhaustive day of traveling is to find out that it’s difficult to access their home away from home.

It’s important to realize that for the luxury traveler, enjoying the ease of a seamless experience tops the list of their travel expectations – and first impressions are critical!  Aside from luxurious, comfortable interiors, high-end amenities, and impeccable cleanliness, you’ll want to ensure that from the moment your guests arrive, their stay will be seamless and easy. The best way to achieve that right from the beginning is to set up a seamless entry experience.

keyless entry lock with keypad

Smart locks can be an incredibly convenient solution – designed to keep your rental home secure and allow guests to check-in without you or your management team having to be there. Smart locks can offer the capability for allowing access from a remote location, or changing guest entry codes without being on site. Smart key locks allow guests to come and go as they please and allows owners to exercise a certain level of control. Once smart door locks are installed, you will reap the benefits of increased satisfaction for your guests, management staff, and ultimately, you. Additionally, as you and your guests use smart devices that connect via WiFi or Bluetooth technology, your device management platform can collect real-time data (like usage or status data). You can then use this data to optimize the entry or exit experience for your guests.

Benefits of Keyless Entry

These widely available products offer added peace of mind but also provide added benefits for owners and managers. Key benefits include:

  • No Physical Key Required
  • Less Risk of Lock Out
  • Guests don’t have to visit a centralized location for key pick-up
  • Management team controls timely access to the property
  • No More Key under the Mat
  • Tracking System Included
  • Easy Access for Family and Visitors
  • No More Changing Locks

One important thing to remember when selecting a keyless entry system, avoid options that rely on your smartphone to gain access to a property. Requiring guests to download an app to enter the home is a headache waiting to happen. Chances are they have been traveling all day and could have a low battery on their phone or poor reception.

door with lockbox on handle

When a Lockbox makes more sense

Lockboxes are another opportunity for guests to access your vacation rental. This technology allows for a box that is opened with a keypad code, and the physical key is accessible inside the box.  This solution may be necessary in instances where the door construction or locking mechanism may not be suitable for an electronic keypad. For example, In climates that are prone to hurricanes, building codes often dictate use of 3-point locks or “multi-point” locking systems and these often make adding an electronic keypad entry challenging. Bear in mind that lockboxes but can come with a variety of issues, not limited to: guests losing the key, forgetting to return the key to the lockbox before departing, or simply not being able to open the lockbox. The last thing you’ll want is a disgruntled guest calling asking how to access the key out of the lockbox!

Keyless Entry and the Guest Experience

We always recommend having a primary lock and backup for your vacation rental, and to not solely rely on a single smart lock. It’s better to give your guests multiple ways to enter quickly rather than to wait while help arrives in case the smart lock fails. At Luxury Simplified Retreats our designated Concierge is always available to assist guests, especially in case of a key failure. And, as an added layer of safety and security, our team always ensures that the key code is promptly changed after every guest departure.

Because the guest experience begins the moment they arrive, make sure you select the correct method for which guests can access your vacation rental property. Our goal is to ensure that everything goes smoothly at check-in so that guests can start creating unforgettable family memories and enjoying their vacation right from the start.

Note: Owning a vacation rental can come with its own share of headaches, not just limited to selecting the best keyless entry for your guests. Let us take care of every aspect of managing your vacation rental! Our Luxury Simplified Retreats team oversees every aspect of owning and managing a rental including asset management, guest services, and more!