Heading to the sandy beaches of Charleston SC for a getaway? Nothing says summer like a day spent on one of South Carolina’s beautiful beaches. Whether you are staying at one of our luxury vacation rentals at Sullivan’s Island or on Folly Beach, or visiting one of Charleston’s other top-rated beaches – Isle of Palms or Kiawah Island –  having the right essentials in your beach bag will help make your beach day that much better.

Check the weather forecast, call your friends and pack these “5 Beach Bag Essentials” to guarantee you’ll have a fun day in the sun:

Beach Bag

It all starts with the right beach bag and finding the perfect one can make ALL the difference. Sure, you could throw your things into any old bag, but all beach bags are not created equal. Today’s advancements in sustainability and recycled materials means that now there are good options that deliver on both stylish detailing and water resistance.  Look for one that is generously sized, something that can comfortably hold up to 4 beach towels, a book or a few issues of your favorite magazines, and sunscreen. You’ll want to keep your cell phone and electronics safe and free from water and sand in a bag that can provide some measure of security.

beach bag and sun hat on sand



Beach Towel

Pack a towel for each person in your group, whether they plan on wading in the waves or sitting in the sand. Having an extra towel is always good idea, too. If your goals include lounging on the sand for the day with a group of family or friends, you might consider packing an oversized Turkish beach throw, a blanket, or sand mat that will give everyone room to spread out.  If you’re staying at one of our beach vacation rentals – don’t worry about bringing your own towel, just grab the a beach towel from the stack we provide!

Luxury Simplified Retreats Custom Beach Towels



With the warm southern sun in Charleston, sunscreen is a MUST for any beach bag. Use a sunscreen that’s designed for your beach activities (waterproof, sport, high SPF, etc.). Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, which blocks 97% of the sun’s UVB rays. Today, you can find sunscreens that offer an incredible amount of protection, plus added antioxidants and protective ingredients.  There are also good options that exist in UV rated protective clothing. And definitely don’t forget to REAPPLY sunscreen throughout the day … after all, sunscreen doesn’t work if it just sits in your bag all day!

Sister applying protective sunscreen on young child. Girl draws sun cream on her stomach.


Hat & Sunglasses

Make sure to bring something to protect your eyes from the sun’s bright rays and give you a little shade throughout the day. Whether it’s a floppy beach hat, a faded baseball cap, a canvas bucket hat or a pair of trendy shades, you’ll be happy you have these in the afternoon.

Woman at beach wearing hat and sunglasses


Water Bottle

Staying hydrated when you’re in the sun is vital. Throw a few waters in the cooler or bring a reusable bottle such as S’well bottle or Yeti cup, to keep your drink ICE cold ALL day. The sun and the salt water will dry you out, so make sure you’ve got enough water to go around for everyone in your group.

For any given beach day, these are the “must have” essentials we recommend , but there are always other things you feel are key to taking your “fun in the sun” to a whole new level! These could include bluetooth speaker, healthy snacks, your favorite novel, or a frisbee. Regardless of what you choose to put in your beach bag, once it’s packed you’re ready for a fun-filled day on the beach with family and friends. Start planning your Charleston SC beach vacation today.

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