What better way to bring family and friends together than to experience a unique and seamless experience in a luxury vacation retreat?  Within the last few years, the vacation rental market has spiked dramatically thanks to the Internet. Guests now have a wide array of homes to choose from, and of course, they want only the best for their friends and family.

As Charleston SC has hit the charts 6 years in a row as #1 city in the U.S., visitors flock to see what the rave is all about. Vacation rental companies have popped up by the dozen, unfortunately leading to the lack of personable relationships between the rental companies and the rental clients.  The beauty of smaller, boutique vacation rental agencies is that they are more hands-on, and involved with every detail of your stay from the selection of an appropriate property, to taking care of your needs during your stay.

What sets a luxury retreat apart from any other you may ask? Service, amenities and convenience.

Upon arrival to your luxury retreat, one should only expect to be greeted by, and guided through, the rental property by a knowledgeable and passionate individual. This individual’s main goal is to make your vacation hassle free, whether that means arranging a daily cleaning service or personal chef, stocking the refrigerator, to arranging family outings and activities. Having this service provides ease into ones vacation.

The property itself is held to an incredibly high standard and meticulously looked after by the vacation rental team. Immaculate conditions, elegant décor and ideal location are just a few qualities of a ‘luxury property’.

You should expect all of this and more when booking through a luxury vacation rental company – and nothing less. The trick to finding properties that accurately meet these standards is choosing the right vacation rental company from the start.

The team at Luxury Simplified Retreats works rigorously to ensure that you and your family are able to sit back, relax and enjoy your luxurious vacation. Luxury Simplified Retreats offers just that exceptional level of service that delivers the unforgettable and seamless experience you and your family so deserve. Start planning your next luxury vacation to Charleston SC now …