Charleston and the surrounding suburbs have experienced a surge of growth within the last few years both in population and industry. Rental properties are in high demand for this very reason. Newcomers often need time to explore their new environment and get the lay of the land before they buy. Others need somewhere to nest while they are renovating or building a new home in many of the areas resort-like planned communities. Moving is a monumental task and trying to figure out where and what to rent while you’re in transition only adds to the stress. Having recently moved here myself, I understand the lure of Charleston first hand and I’ve got some great insights on why a long term rental vs an apartment is the way to go.

And, as a destination for snow birds looking for a long term rental in a sunny destination, Charleston tops the list.  While Charleston, is famous for its historical architecture and seafood cuisine, there are also museums, art galleries, four golf courses and a multitude of parks to enjoy. Typically for the area, the average October-March temperature here is 58 °F but you can count on a lot of days that are unseasonably warm and filled with sunshine.  While other destinations in the South have been popular with snow birds for years, Charleston has steadily gained as a popular getaway for those seeking to spend a few months away from the snow and cold back home.  Oftentimes, a winter away from home means traveling with your pets and if that’s the case, you’ll definitely want to look for long term rentals that are pet friendly.  In today’s hospitality industry, finding a luxurious longterm rental that treats your dog(s) like a part of the family is easier than ever.

So what’s the big draw and why have so many people been flocking to Charleston over the past few years? The answer is simple, it’s an amazing place to vacation and live! Say hello to  beautiful weather, a historic downtown, picturesque views of water, bridges and brightly colored row homes with southern front porches, and that’s just the outside. Every building you step into from restaurants, to hotels and shops, are oozing with stylish interiors and unique decor. Now let’s talk about food! If you love to eat, you will be in heaven for sure! There is so much good food from BBQ to seafood, authentic southern cuisine and dessert shops. Whether you’re grabbing a quick lunch or enjoying a night of fine dining, you will never lack for options. From a commuting standpoint, getting into the Charleston is a breeze compared to NYC, Philly and other major cities. Other perks of working and living in this quaint city is that nothing is very far away. Need to catch a flight? The airport is about 25 minutes away. Need to run home on your lunch break? Most of the Charleston suburbs are about 10 to 20 minutes away with traffic!  Need a breather and some fresh air? A walk on the beach at lunch is actually an option.

Pair all that goodness with lower home prices and real estate taxes and you’ve got a pretty good formula for a life changing relocation.  Having been born and raised in Jersey, I was enchanted by Charleston’s southern charm, cobblestone streets and local beaches.  It was love at first sight and didn’t take long before we were packing up the family and setting up shop in Lowcountry. Having lived here for a little under a year, I can assure you it does not disappoint!  Now that you’re daydreaming about saying goodbye to winter or just being closer to the sea, here’s our take on making the transition from your current home to your next one.  And why trying a long-term rental for your winter getaway to Charleston makes a whole lot of sense.


Buying? Building? Not Sure?

When making a big move, it takes time to get acquainted with a new place and weigh all of the pros and cons of each town and neighborhood. If you buy right off the bat, you may find that you don’t love where you live or realize another area is a better fit. Renting gives you the flexibility to explore and experience different places without being locked in with a mortgage. Charleston has quite a few surrounding towns that are amazing and amazingly different. It takes time to get your bearings and find the perfect place to put down roots. When it comes to renting, a long term rental home may be the perfect solution.  It has many obvious advantages as opposed to renting in an apartment complex, and here are just a few:

6 Reasons A Long Term Home Rental Is Better Than Renting An Apartment

  • Most long term rentals have flexible contracts with only 30 day minimums. You’re not required to lock into a year long agreement.
  • More privacy, personal space and less corporate rules to comply with. Living in a building with 100’s of other tenants may not feel much like a getaway.
  • You get direct contact with the a management team or personal Concierge versus trying to deal with a mega corporation who may not be able to quickly answer questions or lend a hand if need.
  • You don’t have to share spaces in crowded common areas. Instead, you have options for a yard, private deck or balcony.
  • Long term rental homes typically come with reserved parking spaces. No need to waste time hunting for a spot in a packed  lot or dealing with street parking.
  • Most long term rentals come fully furnished which makes you feel right at home right away. It also alleviates the stress of unpacking and setting up shop just to have to move it all again in a few months. And if you’re in Charleston simply to enjoy the warm, temperate climate for the winter, a long term furnished rental provides an easy place to relax for your winter getaway.


Looking for a long term rental downtown?  Based on the type of long term rental experience you’d like to have in Charleston, there are a lot of good options downtown, from urban and chic, to historic and charming. With its six distinctive neighborhoods, there are great options for long term rentals all around the historic downtown peninsula.  Charleston’s compact size means its highly walkable, and no matter where you choose to book a longer stay, you will be within walking distance to to shopping and dining destinations like  Halls ChophouseVirginia’s on KingKudu Coffee & Craft Beer, The Ordinary, FIG, Husk, and more!



While there is nothing like a longterm stay in the heart of historic downtown Charleston, there are plenty of travelers and snow birds whose winter travel plans include sun, surf and long walks on the beach.  If that’s you, you’ll definitely want to explore longterm rentals avialable in one of Charleston’s popular island beach communities of Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island or Folly Beach.




If you’re considering spending a while in Charleston, SC, there’s no better choice than Luxury Simplified Retreats. As you settle in to explore our charming city, you can rest assured that we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure every need is met. Whether you choose to stay on Folly Beach by the water or in the heart of downtown Charleston, you’ll have everything you need to make your space feel like home. Browse our long-term vacation rentals to find your ideal home. Then, book your stay with us today. The Lowcountry awaits!