Like everything in life, there are challenges, including when it comes to purchasing and owning a second home. Any unforeseen event, such as a new job opportunity requiring you to move across the country, a new marriage/divorce, family needing your care, etc., can alter your focus away from maintaining a second home. Running a home, let alone a second home from far away, can lead to complications such as the requirement of maintenance at inconvenient times, improper maintenance, or neglect. In cases like this, a property management company is hired to attend to the preservation/upkeep of your home – leaving the headaches for the professionals to handle. That is why we are here, and this is how we can help…

With the “pros” that go into purchasing a second home far out-weighing the “cons,” most individuals owning a second home choose to create an investment of their home by making it a Vacation Rental. This is especially common among homeowners who purchase real estate in or near popular destinations, specifically the beaches surrounding Charleston, SC. With loads of vacationers looking to experience a Charleston beach vacation of their own due to the uniquely beautiful landscape of the surrounding barrier and Sea Islands, the renting of your (sometimes) largest investment is easy! When buying a second home on the many beaches of South Carolina, such as Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, Edisto, Kiawah, or Seabrook there are many factors to keep in mind. Some of these factors including purchasing price, insurance, and operating costs all culminate into the importance of hiring the right real estate agency and property management team.

But, my friend self-manages her place, and says that it’s no big deal” Because this is your second home and not your primary home, you are not necessarily there. Your absence makes it exceptionally difficult to keep up with tasks (ie. landscape, pool, HVAC, etc.) Also, imagine that the cable goes out, or the Wi-Fi… who is there to correct this issue? In cases where rental properties need expert care, the benefit of hiring a seasoned property management team can remove stress and free up your time to use in ways more profitable to you … or simply have more time for family and friends. What is most crucial for you, is ensuring your guests have the best experience possible when residing in your home.

One of our popular vacation beach rentals is located on Folly Beach … affectionately named The Okeanos by the owners. When we reached out to The Okeanos homeowner, Joe B., he raved about how wonderful our services were for his property. Joe informed us that when originally deciding to purchase a second home, his family wanted a “… house we ourselves would enjoy staying in, along with a house that would appeal to us and would appeal to others.” His family had always planned to rent their home as a vacation rental and knew they would need the assistance of a reliable, seasoned, local property management company. When seeking out the right team to entrust with his home Joe said, “We sought for a company with high end marketing ability, a team who could market property at a top level customer base that would take care of the home and maximize profit to the fullest extent.” To them, Luxury Simplified Retreats was the perfect fit and their personal experience reflects that of many of the other loyal clients we serve today.

NOTE: Utilizing our various marketing experts and platforms, Luxury Simplified Retreats ensures that your home has maximum exposure during tourist season (or even the “off season”) to maximize your income potential if that is what you desire. Our Retreat Concierges will even personally show your property to potential clients, handling all payments, rental lease agreements, and most importantly manage the upkeep of your home. We even invite guests to send detailed reviews (important to future guests!), and maintain all the standards you consider important to you and your property. Our presence in your absence is the key to your peace of mind.