With the amount of time and effort that goes into planning a wedding, couples often put little to no thought into the planning of their wedding accommodations  – the location where they will stay with close family or the members of the bridal party before, and on, the day of the wedding. While you may have thought about booking luxury vacation accommodations in the area for your guests, or secured a block of hotel rooms and reserved a meeting room or larger guest suite for your bridal prep, but really, who wants to kick off their wedding day in a cramped, blasé space? Keep in mind, a good portion of the day’s photography will happen in this room as well. Getting ready pics, shots of your gown, detail shots like shoes, jewelry and invitations – do you want the backdrop to be those corporate curtains and hotel chain decor? If only there were a place for you and your bridal party and family to set up shop for the weekend and prepare for and celebrate your big day in the lap of luxury. Look no further, because we’ve got the perfect solution.

Luxury Simplified Retreats has set out, not only to offer the finest vacation rentals in the area, but also to provide luxury accommodations for large groups like wedding parties. With that in mind, an idea took shape and with a  prime piece of land on Folly Beach and a plan, “Slightly Off Center “was born. “Slightly off Center” (or SOC) is 4 separate homes that combined sleeps 32 guests, in the heart of Folly Beach SC, right off of Center Street. The homes are nestled together on one plot of land, each with individual pools and fenced patios that can be opened up when booked together to create one large common space and the ultimate party atmosphere. We are talking 16 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and a whole lot of southern beach charm.  It’s the perfect place for wedding parties and bridal prep. Having a relaxed atmosphere in a space that is large enough for all of your bridesmaids and family members to get ready in is a must. Our “Slightly Off Center” homes provide lots of room to spread out and upscale amenities. Enjoy multiple bathrooms, full kitchens, private courtyards for relaxing and you can even take a dip in the pool while you’re waiting for your turn for hair and makeup. The ladies can have one home, the guys another and the other two are perfect for friends and family. Everyone you want to celebrate with will all be in one place, and trust me, that is going to be very helpful for those pre wedding photos! Another perk is that the beach is just steps away! Have your first look at ocean’s edge or a picture perfect backdrop of the pier for bridal party pics. Need help figuring it all out? Don’t hesitate to contact our Concierge Team! We can also guide you on fun things to do in Charleston as well as fill you fridge, book experience packages, provide gifts, goodies and more. Now that you’re on the right track with accommodations, we’ve got some great tips for planning your bridal prep.

 Tips for planning the perfect bridal prep!

Let’s talk about amenities! Our bathrooms were designed to have a spa like feel, the perfect calming vibes for getting ready on your big day. The kitchens at SOC are open floor plan, perfect for entertaining. All 4 homes are sun-filled with light and airy decor and picturesque details like shiplap – perfect for photos. Want to gift your guests or bridal party with a special treat? Our team can arrange for custom gift baskets to be set up in the rooms upon arrival. A spa basket for the ladies, a wine welcome package for mom and dad and a cigar and bourbon set for the guys.  Traveling with a dog? We will set you up with a puppy care package! 

Don’t forget to eat! Tea, coffee and tasty treats are always a good idea! Petite bite-sized pastries are perfect for popping in your mouth without messing up your glamorous look. You can also set up a self serve bar so your girls can help themselves to a refreshing cocktail like mimosas or sangria. Hiring a helping hand on the day of to help set out the food and drinks and clean things up is not a bad idea. Even better, how about a private chef to whip up breakfast on your wedding day – we can help with that too!

Some of the best pictures happen during bridal prep. Be sure to gift your girls with matching cover ups for wedding day so you can all get ready in style and look picture perfect.  Also collect some trinkets like a fancy tray, some perfume bottles and ring boxes for the photographer to use for detail pics. You can also ask your florist for loose blooms or an additional arrangement so your photographer can use them for styling. Be sure to have your wedding jewelry, shoes and invitations easily accessible as photographers typically shoot these items during bridal prep.

Set the mood! Take some time to prepare the perfect play list for your bridal prep. Lots of happy vibes and melodic tunes will keep everyone in a good mood and stress free. Order some fresh flowers to display in the house. They are great for picture taking and add that festive wedding day feel. Get some fun props for photos with your girls! Streamers, balloons and confetti can make for some memorable pictures.

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