With travel plans in flux, and travelers everywhere facing disruptions from the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, many are looking for ways to still enjoy the springtime weather and feel like tourists. Although restaurants across the country are prohibiting dining in, public spaces are closed, and popular annual spring events are postponed, there’s still plenty of ways to enjoy Charleston, SC.


Springtime in Charleston is a glorious time of year. Everywhere you look there’s a colorful array of azaleas, cherry blossoms, and camellias around the city.  Have you taken a walk around Hampton Park lately to see them in person? Now’s the perfect time. Get out and take a walk in a new neighborhood or a new part of the city to explore an area you’ve never seen before. If you plan on accompanying a friend, make sure there’s at least 6 feet in distance between you, or take a furry friend along. Walking is not only a great way to exercise but also to ease anxiety and improve your mental wellbeing.


Although short-term mandates currently prohibit restaurants across much of the country from offering dining in for patrons, they’re still allowing “to-go” and delivery orders. Is there a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t had the time? Simply call in your order and through delivery-to-your-door or curbside pick-up, you’ll still be able to enjoy that delicious pasta from the Italian restaurant down the street. Need some help choosing a place to eat? Thankfully there’s more than 200 restaurants in Charleston to choose from!


If you’re a glutton for buying cookbooks and never using them, here’s your chance to channel your inner Rachel Ray! Travel the world by cooking an exotic new dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at home. You can even try your hand at locally loved dishes like shrimp & grits, fried green tomatoes or red beans and Carolina Gold Rice. Cooking with your family is a great way to keep everyone involved, you can even try dividing them into groups of prep, cook or clean. Who knows, you may find a new dish that becomes a favorite in your household.


If all else, there’s nothing wrong with a little self-care at home. Wear your coziest pajamas, indulge in some ice cream from Off Track, and start catching up on that backlog of Netflix shows you keep meaning to watch. Because let’s face it, this is the best time to actually watch the entire cannon of Game of Thrones.



There will be a time when travel restrictions are lifted and families can safely venture out on vacation. Use your extra time together now to plan your summer travel.  That way, you’ll have everything in place when its time to pack your beach bag, load up the car and hit the road for the sandy beaches of Charleston just a short drive away. Whether you enjoy soaking up the sun on the beach, or cookouts by the pool and gathering with everyone around board games, staying in a vacation rental house along Folly Beach can still be a good option for your family vacation to Charleston.


Note: We certainly understand the seriousness of COVID-19 and the coronavirus, and the strict need for social distancing and self-isolation as is currently recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the NIH (National Institute of Health) as well as state and local officials.  Our tips reflect options for families that are already experiencing self-isolation together at home and offer ways to stay busy and active while maintaining health and safety procedures that don’t endanger their well being or the well being of others. At Luxury Simplified Retreats we are taking necessary precautions to make sure that guests staying in our vacation rentals, as well as our staff and vendors are practicing health & safety measures.