Charleston SC continues to top most of the “Best of” lists for travel destinations and lifestyle amenities, including top restaurants and festivals.  As the popularity of Charleston has skyrocketed over the past 4 years, so has the number of short-term vacation rentals.  Whether you are a visitor coming to explore this quintessential historic city, or an investor tapping into the “hot” Downtown rental market Charleston, and the surrounding barrier islands, are peppered with rentals providing an endless amount of choices to Charleston’s growing number of tourists. However, with the ease of the “browse and click-to-book” online marketplace of booking portals comes the uncertainty of knowing if the property you chose for your Charleston getaway will be just as it’s displayed in the photos online.

Whether you are a homeowner putting your property under our management, or a vacationer renting a home from our luxury portfolio, our goal is for you to rest assured that the product you are seeing online is the product that you are getting when you turn the key in the door.

How do we ensure that our properties are consistently in impeccable shape you might ask? Between full-time professional property managers, trained maintenance staff, and fully vetted cleaning crews, our properties are being checked, and re-checked, along the way.

Upon a guest’s checkout, cleaning crews disperse to the properties to start the process of returning a property to its formerly pristine condition. During this first phase, any damage or issues are reported to the property manager, who then properly addresses them. Once the cleaning crew has completed their work, our in-house maintenance staff takes proactive, instead of reactive measures, by performing routine maintenance checks to ensure that the appearance and function of the property remains consistent and reliable from guest stay to guest stay. That is not to say our team can prevent everything; however, by performing routine checks, many problems are discovered early and handled promptly.  Lastly,  the property manager does a thorough inspection to ensure everything is impeccable, down to straightening a painting on the wall or fluffing up the pillows on the couch. Having an eye for detail is crucial and in a luxury rental this is what is to be expected when you walk into any of our properties.

For the homeowner, it is important to know that your investment is well looked after and ready to provide an unparalleled experience for the guest, because after all, repeat guests and 5-star reviews contribute to revenue potential of your rental property and ultimately, your bottom line. For guests, there may already be a huge amount of stress that accompanies planning a trip, and our goal is to make the arrival process as smooth and seamless as possible – this definitely isn’t the time you want to walk in to surprises!  For that reason, our process includes a dedicated Retreat Manager to meet the guest at check-in and ensure an impeccable experience from start to finish.

Routine checks and property maintenance are only a couple of the services that our team provides to guarantee satisfaction for guests and homeowners. If you’re interested in learning more about our services and the Luxury Simplified Retreats difference, we invite you to download our introductory booklet below: