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The breathtaking resort of Palmetto Bluff offers an endless array of experiences and amenities for those who love a sporting, outdoor-centric lifestyle. Fishing is one of the top activities for resort visitors who enjoy casting a line while exploring the scenic waterways in and around Bluffton, SC. From the sun-drenched shores of the May River to the tranquil waters of the Calibogue Sound, Bluffton offers some of the best fishing in the state. The beautiful coastal waters of the lowcountry offer an abundance of fish and wildlife, creating a paradise for anglers. The May River is home to an abundance of fish species and provides a fun and rewarding fishing experience for anglers of all ages and experience levels.


The May River is home to a diverse array of fish, including largemouth bass, red drum, spotted sea trout, flounder, sheepshead, black drum, tarpon, jacks, Spanish mackerel, bluefish, and more.  Anglers looking for a challenge should try their luck with the larger game fish, such as tarpon and cobia. Redfish are a popular target species among anglers, and they can be caught year-round in waterways in and around the lowcountry, but the optimal time to target these species is in the fall. These fish are known for their hard-fighting spirit, making them a great challenge for anglers of all experience levels. For red drum and spotted sea trout, anglers should target the shallow, grassy areas of the river, as these fish tend to feed on small baitfish in these areas.

Speckled trout are another popular target species, and they can be caught in the spring and fall when the water temperature is cooler. You can also find largemouth bass, spotted sea trout, and black drum. These fish are usually found in the deeper, slower moving sections of the river.

For those looking to catch largemouth bass, the May River is a great spot. The river is full of deeper pools with plenty of structure for bass to hide, making them easy to target. The best time to fish for largemouth bass is in the spring and summer months, when the water is warmer and the bass are more active.


The natural beauty of the river, with its lush marshlands, mangroves, and estuaries, provide a stunning backdrop for any angling excursion. Looking for a day of fishing with a knowledgeable guide that knows the intricacies of the waterways and some of the best places to cast a line?  We highly recommend the crew at May River Excursions who have an ample fleet of available fishing charters, both inshore and river, and some of the top fishing guides in Bluffton and the surrounding waterways. For those who prefer to fish from the shore, the banks of the May River are lined with docks and piers, including the Moreland Dock located in Palmetto Bluff’s Moreland Village, offering plenty of opportunities for a successful catch. There are a variety of spots to cast your line, from the deeper waters of the river to the shallows of the estuary and the vast marsh and tidal creeks.

If you’re looking to cast your line when you’re vacationing in Palmetto Bluff you’re in for a treat. Fishing along the May River is not just about catching a big one, it is also about enjoying the backdrop of the surrounding tidal marsh, the abundance of coastal wildlife and the breathtaking beauty of the South Carolina lowcountry.



You’re sure to enjoy your stay in Palmetto Bluff when your trip includes all the comforts offered with a stay booked in our portfolio of luxury vacation homes. Our collection of rentals features incredible amenities and superb locations. There are so many things you can do on the property and the scenic, breathtaking backdrop of the Lowcountry surrounds you in Palmetto Bluff, with gorgeous oak trees, vast waterways and a laid-back, serene lifestyle. Let our Concierge team plan a fishing charter for you and your friends, or have a private chef waiting to cook your catch-of-the-day while you sit around the fire pit with a cocktail, telling stories of the big one that got away. And, while you’re there, why not plan a southern-style happy hour on the porch, or travel by private water taxi to explore the Bluffton Farmers Market? With our Guide to Exclusive Experiences, these are just some of the ways you customize your stay for an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind vacation – and we have a team of people ready to help you plan it all.

Traditions are the staple of the holiday season, and after celebrating the holidays in the breathtaking resort of Palmetto Bluff, you may just start a new one that includes celebrating here year after year. Palmetto Bluff is one of those places that is a destination in and of itself, and this place is truly magical. It’s 20,000+ acres of natural, wild beauty set on the May River marshes that offers up exquisite luxury, and an endless array of things to see and do. You can soak up fun and family time on the expansive resort property, which includes a nature preserve, tree houses, miles of trails to explore and two charming villages.


While there are amazing activities and experiences to be had at Palmetto Bluff any time of the year, spending the holiday season here is like something out of a storybook. Holiday decor in the South Carolina lowcountry includes the traditional elements of pinecones and boughs from the long leaf pines, hollies and magnolias that are abundant here, plus a creative mixing in of the local flora and fauna, from feathers to antlers to oysters. The holidays are on full display in Palmetto Bluff including along the stunning bridges leading into Wilson Village, decked out in the most perfect Christmas decor that will have you singing, “Fa-la-la-la-la”

Palmetto Bluff brings holiday spirit to the Lowcountry with events that include a Holiday Artisan Market, Breakfast with Santa, a Christmas-themed concert, and many other festive events. Christmas Eve holiday gathering in Moreland Village includes an oyster roast and low country boil. Restaurants in Wilson Village and Moreland Village offer sumptuous dining options and there is a chic spa should the holidays include time for a little pampering.

The idyllic town of Bluffton, SC brings a magical holiday spirit all its very own, with a feeling reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting. With its close proximity and easy travel to & from Palmetto Bluff, the streets along the charming downtown historic district of Old Town Bluffton are filled with  incredible restaurants and quaint local shops. The Bluffton Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony will begin at 5:30 p.m., Friday, December 2 at Martin’s Family Park and is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season. The Town of Bluffton will be hosting its 51st annual Bluffton Christmas Parade, Saturday, December 3rd, 2022 at 10 a.m. through Bluffton’s Historic District. Beginning in front of Town Hall and parading through downtown Bluffton, the Bluffton Christmas Parade is an annual “must see” event and offers fun for the whole family. The parade starts at 10am, so bring a chair and get there early for a prime spot along the viewing route.

This exclusive lowcountry resort pulls out all the stops to sprinkle holiday magic and deliver holiday spirit to everyone that stays here during the holiday season. But why stop there? With dazzling lights, exquisite cuisine, and lots of Champagne, Palmetto Bluff is also the perfect spot for ringing in the New Year. The resort’s scenic setting and tranquil atmosphere set the tone for a prosperous and plentiful year and is the ideal backdrop to help you herald the start to a new year.

And, with Luxury Simplified Retreats, our team can create a holiday wonderland for your family in Palmetto Bluff before you even check in! Our luxurious vacation homes make the perfect backdrop for your holiday festivities and we can have a glittering holiday tree decorated and waiting for you before you arrive, a holiday happy hour set up on the porch for your arrival, and your holiday dinner prepared by a private, local chef – simply inquire with our Concierge team after you book and they’ll take it from there. View our Guide to Exclusive Guest Experiences and start planning your holiday getaway today.

Explore our Guide filled with Exclusive Guest Experiences



There are few places that offer a vacation for the sportsman and outdoor lover that deliver breathtaking scenery and untouched landscape, while still respecting the nearly 20,000 acres of pristine land that make up the luxurious Palmetto Bluff resort development.  Created in a way that honors the land, the dedication to wildlife and land conservancy is much of the overarching mission at Palmetto Bluff.

This secluded location, near the coastal South Carolina island getaway of Hilton Head, Palmetto Bluff feels like a place where time moves at a slower pace and vacation days feel endless. This part of the lowcountry offers jaw dropping vistas, with its expanse of maritime forests, tidal estuaries, winding waterways, and arching oaks draped with Spanish moss. Home to an array of flora and fauna, there’s something to be discovered every step or bike pedal along the way.

Palmetto Bluff has two distinctly different town centers — Wilson Village, the charming town center that overlooks the May River to the north and Moreland Village four miles south. They’re connected by water, starting along the May River in Wilson Village and then via Cauley’s Creek as it flows into Moreland Village. There are boats that you can rent, that motor around the Inland Waterway, a meandering freshwater estuary that winds throughout the resort and many of its neighborhoods.

Wilson Village in Palmetto Bluff SC

Whether you are staying in Wilson Village or in Moreland Village each have their own distinctive feel and each boasts restaurants and activities within walking distance.  Wilson Village, the charming town square of Palmetto Bluff, is like a page from a small town storybook. Here you can find an ice cream parlor called Melt, plus many of the iconic landmarks that make Palmetto Bluff so memorable including the Chapel, the “old ruins,” the Post Office, the River House and the dock where the Grace is moored.

The Melt Ice Cream Shop Palmetto Bluff SC

By Land or By Water

Mornings at Palmetto Bluff are best spent on a bike, enjoying the quiet along the miles of trails. The leisure Maritime Trail takes you through the Lowcountry forest while the Long Leaf Pine Trail winds through pine uplands. With 32 miles of coastline, this is a perfect place to rent a kayak or canoe…or use that bicycle!

Bike riding through the trails of Palmetto Bluff SC

Midday might find you lounging by the pool or booking a dolphin Cruise to nearby Dafauski Island, accessible only by boat. The powerboat-based Dolphin Discovery Tour covers a wide area and highlights the habitat of local bottlenose dolphins while the Full Tide Discovery Tour is a favorite among photographers because it explores some of the more remote islands.

Afternoons are decidedly meant to be spent on the porch. “Porching” is after all, an actual activity at Palmetto Bluff – and considered an authentic Southern tradition. As the resort explains, “In the South, we’re accustomed to taking a break in the afternoon to relax and pause the day.”

Enjoying iced tea on the Porch in Palmetto Bluff SC


Nights spent under the Stars

As the day winds down, almost on cue, the pinks and violet hues of dusk bring out the twinkling of fireflies, and ease into evenings meant for cocktails around the fire pit and nights under the stars.  There are a host of dining options in Palmetto Bluff from Buffalo’s in the heart of Wilson Village, Octagon, or the River House, and to Canteen, a quaint and casual sandwich shop located Moreland Village. Renting a private vacation home in Palmetto Bluff gives you the freedom to enjoy casual meals at home, or sumptuous dinners cooked by a private chef and plenty of porch time with a glass of wine.

Gather with family and friends for delectable takeout from Flame Food Truck. Take a sunset cruise on The Grace, Palmetto Bluff’s very own restored 1913 60-foot antique motor Hinckley yacht. Later in the night in Wilson Village, you’ll find s’more carts nearby to make your own s’mores over the fire.

When it comes to outdoor activities, you are spoiled by the variety of choices. Take a hike or get out onto the water. Play a game of pickleball, tennis, or golf. There are eight tennis courts, two bocce courts, a basketball court, a bowling alley, six pickleball courts and the May River Golf Course Palmetto Bluff’s 18-hole, Jack Nicklaus Signature design.


For the Kids

Fishing from any of Palmetto Bluff’s many docks is a fun-for-the-entire-family activity, and a chance for kids to try their hand at reeling in “the big one.”

Fishing off the Moreland Dock in Palmetto Bluff SC

Kids can take climbing a tree to a whole new level, and the Mount Pelia treehouse in Wilson Village is particularly fun: It has a zip line, a rope swing, and a boardwalk. Or, you can climb with your kids at sunset to the top of the five-story tree house along Cauley’s Creek.

Our team can help plan for your kids ages five to 12 to participate in a private art lesson with a member of Bluffton’s Art Conservancy.


Plan your Lowcountry Retreat

You’re sure to enjoy your stay in Palmetto Bluff when your trip includes all the comforts offered in our Luxury Simplified Retreats vacation homes. Our collection of rentals features incredible amenities and superb locations. There are so many things you can do on the property and the scenic, breathtaking backdrop of the Lowcountry surrounds you in Palmetto Bluff, with gorgeous oak trees, vast waterways and a laid-back, serene lifestyle.  But why not experience a vintage voyage in a 1930’s Bentley, or travel by private water taxi to explore the Bluffton Farmers Market, With our Guide to Exclusive Experiences, these are just some of the ways you customize your stay for an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind vacation  – and we have a team of people ready to help you plan it all.

Explore our Guide filled with Exclusive Guest Experiences

I was once in Paris and engaged a street artist to sketch my then fiancée, now bride. In perhaps 10 strokes of charcoal he captured her essence. I was indeed more amazed with the process than the image, it struck me as quintessentially, yet, unconsciously competent artistry.

Our business is tasked with overseeing roughly $100M of vacation rentals in Charleston and Palmetto Bluff. Over the years our team have settled in to the easy ways of unconscious competence. We see what an owner may not, we suggest improvements where others may see problems or indeed, nothing at all.  It’s our version of that Parisian encounter so many years ago. It’s this trait that helps us stand apart from the crowd.

Our role in this is to aid them in exploring every avenue that might exist for increasing their revenue, whether it be simple updates to the interior decor, a renovation that modernizes the kitchen or baths, adding a pool, or increasing the size of the property to add additional bedrooms. Understanding the market data and the expected returns that come with the different enhancement scenarios allows us to develop a cost/benefit analysis and help to determine what is a valuable use of their money to maximize ROI.

Now words are easily crafted and certainly not costly to do so but how about a real-world example of what we can do and how it worked out?  This exact scenario played out recently when we worked with owners interested in adding a bedroom to what had been a single-bedroom carriage house rental.

A 1-Bedroom/1-Bath Becomes a 2-Bedroom/1-Bath:

We have a one bedroom carriage house in our Palmetto Bluff portfolio. It rents well but based on feedback that we had received over time from guests, there would be high value to adding a second bedroom to this property to act as additional office space and somewhere for children to stay over, as previously there were only pull-outs in the living room. This being a 1-bedroom, 1-bath carriage house configured over a 5-bay garage, with no ability to add an additional bathroom, the expectation was a modest increase in rental return for a modest outlay and minimal disruption along the way. We sent our construction team over to look at the building and make suggestions. Now we can all do the math on this, i.e. cost of construction, potential increased rental rates, potential increased occupancy … but in this case, that’s not the whole story, please read on.

The Carriage House Interiors “BEFORE”

Bedroom was added where interior glass window overlooked the vintage car collection that was on display in the garage below.

Interior View of the Carriage House before bedroom was added

This was to be a quick project for the owners as the loft space already existed. It could be easily enclosed and the new garage ceiling made suitably fire-resistant. A total of $15,500 was spent on the work, saving a few dollars by using building materials leftover from another recent project, plus the added benefit of an owner in the building industry. Seeing the opportunity that exists here is easy, and in this case, a seemingly straightforward update to be made, but important nevertheless to note that in any scenario, a market analysis is vital to understanding whether the addition will garner the expected returns.

The Carriage House interior “AFTER” new bedroom addition:

Interior view of new bedroom of 2-bedroom Carriage House Palmetto Bluff

Interior of renovated 2 bedroom carriage house Palmetto Bluff SC

How we calculated potential ROI with increased rental rates for a 2-Bedroom/1-bath Carriage House:

$ 2,800 Project design and prep work
$15,500 Materials and labor  (some work was done by the owner and reused building materials from previous project)


$21,600  Additional rental income @ $120 per night/projected 180 night occupancy per year.  The project should be cash flow positive year one.  Note:  The carriage house was previously renting well with a nearly full calendar and a steady stream of return guests.

Potential ROI gained in overall property value:

As with any home renovation that increases the overall square footage of the house additionally, outside of the extra rental revenue, the owners will realize:

$156,000 Additional value to the house at 260 sq. ft. added @ $600/ft

That is a 700% return the minute the paint is dry, and before the next guests check-in!

Our Luxury Simplified Retreats team is a top 3 company in South Carolina for Average Daily Rate and Occupancy (AirDNA November 2020). With some of the top Revenue Managers in the coastal areas in and around Charleston, we aim to maximize our owner return and our renter experience, and our team is skilled at achieving both. Why not ask how we could help your own property achieve the same results? Contact our team and find out what we can do for you.