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St. Michaels Church Charleston


As we said, St. Michael’s Church is the oldest church in Charleston. It started as a small, unpretentious place of worship in the 1680s by the Church of England. Eventually, Charleston’s population grew too large and citizens had to build a bigger location on Church Street. It, unfortunately, burned down in 1751 but rebuilt 1761 at its current location.


Bringing the Colonial to the Modern Age

The church was designed in a traditional Colonial Period style. That means the altar is close to the congregation to make sure the service could be heard by all and the worshippers can participate in the service. A gallery on three sides of the room also allows for more people to sit up close to the altar. Although this style was common during the period, St. Michael’s is one of the few churches in America that has kept the original design.

The interior of the church showcases original woodwork, Tiffany stained glass windows, and a chandelier ordered from London in 1803. There is also a graveyard next to the church with tombstones dating back hundreds of years.


A Historical Seat

St. Michael’s Church is also known for its “Governor’s Pew.” Famous people including George Washington and Robert E. Lee have worshipped at this double pew which is located in the center of the church.


Plan Your Upcoming Visit to St. Michael’s Church

If you would like to visit St. Michael’s Church, the church is open every day of the week and welcomes visitors to all of their services. You can visit their website for specific hours.



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Do you know why Charleston is nicknamed “The Holy City?” It’s because of the wealth of gorgeous churches in the downtown district. In fact, there’s famously only one small alleyway from where you can’t see a steeple in the distance. The oldest church in the city is St. Michael’s Church in Charleston. While you’re in town, stop by this historic site and discover what makes it such a lovely place to visit.
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