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Charleston SC Museums


If you’re a first-time visitor to Charleston, we suggest you walk along Museum Mile. Located on Meeting Street, this one-mile section features six museums, five historic houses, four scenic parks, and the famous City Market. You can easily spend an entire day exploring this stretch of street, making it the perfect starting point for new guests to the area!




The Charleston Museum

The Charleston Museum, founded in 1773, is one of the oldest museums in the country. Its exhibits cover the widest range of topics, including natural history, antique weaponry, and local art. You’ll see everything from fossils of animals that used to roam this area, to textiles and furniture crafted by the people of Charleston. This museum is a part of Museum Mile.


The Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry

If you are looking for a fun, hands-on Charleston museum for your kids, check out the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry. This museum features nine interactive exhibits where your kids can learn about the history of the Lowcountry. These displays include an art room, a pirate ship, a fire truck, a garden where they can pick plants, a medieval castle, and an infant & toddler play space.

This museum is also part of Museum Mile.


Patriot Point Naval & Maritime Museum

Located in nearby Mt. Pleasant, SC, Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum allows visitors to explore a USS Yorktown aircraft carrier, a USS Laffey destroyer, and a USS Clamagore submarine. It also has 28 historic aircraft, a three-acre Vietnam exhibit, the Apollo 8 capsule, and over 40 interactive exhibits. The museum offers guided tours, flight simulators, and helicopter rides.


Gibbes Museum of Art

If you are interested in learning about Charleston’s art scene, check out the Gibbes Museum of Art. This attraction features over 10,000 pieces of work, most of which originate from the Carolinas. It gives you a look into the culture of the Lowcountry and allows you to learn about the history of the region. This museum is a part of Museum Mile.


Calhoun Mansion

The Calhoun Mansion is a Victorian house built in Charleston in 1876. The 24,000-foot home has more than 30 rooms as well as an elegant ballroom with 45-foot-high ceilings. The mansion is full of artwork and antique pieces from the period. You can take a tour of the mansion on your list of Charleston things to do to learn all about its history.


The Powder Magazine

The Powder Magazine, built in 1713, is the oldest government building in South Carolina. The building was used as an arsenal from 1713 to 1748 and was later used in the American Revolution to defend the city. Throughout its years, it has been used as a print shop, a livery stable, a wine cellar, and a carriage house. Today, you can visit the museum and learn about the colonial military history of the Carolinas. This museum is also part of Charleston’s Museum Mile.



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Whether you are interested in history, art, gardens, naval history, Charleston has the perfect museum for you. From the popular spots on Museum Mile to the lesser-known sites, here is our guide to the best Charleston, SC, museums!
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