Back in History on a Carriage

Of all the sightseeing tours in Charleston, the carriage history tour is one of the most popular. Take a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of the “Holy City” to explore its early beginnings – you’ll even learn why it is called the Holy City! From colonial times all the way to the present, on this fascinating “journey in time” you’ll pass antebellum mansions and old churches that still carry traces of their glorious past. Your tour also will take you to some historic homes such as the Aiken-Rhett House, Calhoun Mansion, even the “Sword House.” These tours last on average about one hour but you will cover a big slice of this city’s history and architecture.

Charleston Sightseeing Tours from a Cruise

Once you’ve got an intimate look at the historic city from within, it’s time to get a more panoramic view of its grandeur from the outside. And there’s no better way than aboard a boat gliding gracefully around the Charleston Harbor. Along the way, you’ll come across such American landmarks as Fort Sumter. This fort has the distinction of being the place where the first shot of the Civil War was fired in 1861. You’ll also see a military landmark from World War II, the USS Yorktown, now a floating museum moored on the Mount Pleasant side of the harbor. And while you’re admiring the expansive beauty of Charleston keep a watchful eye for bottlenose dolphins who inhabit the harbor, and are sometimes quite happy to swim along for the tour.

Downtown Culinary Tour

This is a tour for the foodie in you. With a reputation as being a top culinary destination, and home to a world-renowned Wine + Food Festival, there are plenty of interesting flavors to discover at every restaurant, diner, and corner cafe in Charleston. But this tour will take you even further. You’ll get to sample different dishes in of Charleston’s top restaurants that your tour guide will lead you to. Each visit will take between 20 to 30 minutes giving you plenty of time to taste some unbelievable dishes and understand the chef’s vision behind the dish. Make sure to leave some room for dessert because your tour has to end on a sweet note!

As a vacation destination, Charleston has a lot to offer both the casual visitor and the connoisseur. Contact us today to book your vacation rental in charming Charleston.

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