Charleston Outdoor Adventures

Charleston harbors so many exciting outdoor activities, that fitting all of the Holy City’s best excursions into one trip is always a struggle. Luckily, we’ve done all of the work for you. Follow our guide and planning your trip will be easier than ever before. Here is everything you need to know about Charleston Outdoor Adventures!

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Charleston Outdoor Adventures: Everything You Need to Know

Charleston is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, but where does one even start? Skip the unnecessary planning, and use Charleston Outdoor Adventures to start exploring immediately. From epic kayaking adventures to guided fishing excursions, everything you need to build your dream getaway is within reach. Continue reading for our complete guide to all of Charleston Outdoor Adventures best excursions, guided tours, and rental opportunities. 

Kayak and Paddleboard Adventures

Whether you’re a kayaking expert or complete novice, the perfect adventure is now discoverable. Go at it alone by renting kayak or paddleboard equipment for up to one day at a time. From there, it’s up to you. Paddle at your own pace as you explore the waterways that surround the peninsula. Alternatively, Charleston Outdoor Adventures also offers two-hour or three-hour guided tours through the saltwater marshes. Let the experts lead the way on your next adventure! 

Fishing Charters

Charleston Outdoor Adventures is an anchor for some of the best fishing charters in the Holy City. Included in their list of fishing opportunities is kayak fishing, nearshore fishing charters, inshore fishing charters, and boat to beach fishing excursions that let you split time between nearshore and offshore fishing. Book your fishing excursion on Charleston Outdoor Adventures’ website

The Best of Boat Tours

The team at Charleston Outdoor Adventures is well-equipped and expertly trained—which ensures an unforgettable adventure every time. The full list of boat tours includes the Dolphin Eco-Tour, The Morris Island Lighthouse Tour, and The fossil hunting tour. Each one is more exciting than the last. 

To book a tour by phone, Feel free to contact the team at 843-795-0330 or send an inquiry by email to 

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