Charleston Outdoor Adventures

Charleston Outdoor Adventures

A trip to Charleston, South Carolina is bound to be full of urban adventure, but the city’s prime location on the coastline means outdoor enthusiasts are provided a pristine gateway to explore some of the most beautiful ecosystems imaginable. Charleston Outdoor Adventure is made up of a team of professional guides that deliver an insider’s look at the outdoor wonders just waiting to be discovered. Keeping conservation and education top of mind, Charleston Outdoor Adventure provides guests with a variety of opportunities for getting out on the water and observing and interacting with nature and wildlife.

Kayak and Paddleboard Adventures

For those looking to experience the best of South Carolina’s diverse waterways, a kayak or paddleboard tour is in order. Experts are free to rent equipment for the day while those new to these sports can choose to take a 2-hour marsh tour or sign up for a guided paddle trip through stunning saltwater creeks. These well-paced water tours make for a leisurely afternoon immersed in the beauty of the natural world.

Fishing Opportunities

Anglers will be thrilled to learn there are several options when it comes to the perfect South Carolina catch. Book a kayak fishing trip and learn how to take on the lowcountry waters with a new perspective. Those interested in traveling to deeper waters alongside an experienced captain can book a fishing charter and aim to come back with spot tail bass, sea trout, flounder or even a shark.

The Best of Boat Tours

The team at Charleston Outdoor Adventures is passionate about the striking variety of marine life that make up the South Carolina coastline and aim to provide boat tours that bring guests alongside these incredible creatures. Atlantic bottlenose dolphins call the area around Folly Beach home and booking a place on the Dolphin Eco-Tour is a sure way to get an up-close encounter with one of these amazing animals. The Morris Island Lighthouse Tour takes guests to this iconic beacon of sea safety while weaving around barrier islands teeming with wildlife. The fossil hunting tour is sure to inspire those with a passion for digging up the past. Prehistoric fossils are frequently discovered on Morris Island and a naturalist guide will give guests a detailed background on how this area has changed and transformed over time.

Booking a Tour

Experiencing Charleston in its entirety is an act in balancing a vibrant city alongside a thrilling natural world. When you’re here and wanting to see the coastline in authentic fashion, make sure to book a trip with Charleston Outdoor Adventures. Located at 1871 Bowens Island Roads, guests on these tours will enjoy the experience of setting off from a privately-owned access point. Feel free to contact the team at 843-795-0330 or send an inquiry by email to for more information on both group and private tours.

Stay and Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Once you’ve experienced the beautiful waterways that make up the lowcountry, make sure you’re returning to a home away from home that provides comfort and convenience. End your Charleston days on a luxurious note with a vacation home fit to your taste and style. The team at Luxury Simplified Retreats is here to take care of your accommodation details so you can rest up and get ready to get back out into nature. Contact us today to start planning.

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