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Charleston History Tours

Because Charleston, SC, has a long history behind it, its heritage is very much part of everyday living here. From historic houses to museums and plantations, there’s no escaping the feeling that 300 years of layered history do add to the complexity and charm of this great city. And you can see and touch the influence of the European, African and West Indies cultures in the architecture, customs, food, and even visual arts. When you walk down its cobblestoned streets and consider that all this historic beauty has survived fires, wars, and earthquakes, it really takes your breath away.

What to do in Charleston: Annual Festival of Houses and Gardens

This four-day tour gives you a rare opportunity to enjoy the private homes and gardens as well as the cuisine of the Lowcountry. During this annual festival, some of the magnificent homes that are usually closed to the public open their doors to visitors. While some of the Charleston history tours are walking tours where you can expect to do a bit of walking, others can be experienced by carriage. These exclusive mansions you can expect to visit include the Nathaniel Russell House and the Heyward-Washington House. You’ll also get a chance to visit some magnificent country plantations. Middleton Place and Drayton Hall both open their gardens for visitors during the festival.

Slavery to Freedom Carriage Tour

This horse and carriage tour offers a unique glimpse into the history of African-Americans in the Lowcountry, going back to the old days of slavery all the way to the time when the first free communities were established in Charleston. Soak up the African history and culture in the region at a leisurely pace to the clopping of the horse hooves on cobblestone streets. The tour will start from the Historic Charleston City Market heading to Ansonborough where you can see some magnificent churches along the way. You’ll also pass the old Citadel and Marion Square, before making your way to the beautiful antebellum neighborhoods.

Military Heritage of Charleston

Charleston played a big role during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. To this day many forts still bear witness to these important times in our history. The military heritage tour is a 3-day, fully escorted experience that is both leisurely and educational. Expect to get a guided tour of Fort Sumter, Fort Moultrie, and The Citadel as well as The Confederate Museum. Learn about the role that the “Swamp Fox” Colonel Francis Marion played in the Revolutionary War or the history of the Civil War’s “first shot fired” upon Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861.

History and heritage define one aspect of Charleston that might explain its appeal to visitors. Many of our vacation rentals are in a perfect location to experience the history. So call us today to get your more information about what to do in Charleston and see some of the historical and heritage tours.

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