These Are the 3 Charleston History Tours You Need to Take

From historic houses to museums and plantations, there’s no escaping Charleston’s 300-years of layered history. If you seek to learn more about the Holy City’s intricate past, consider experiencing it through Charleston history tours. Your tour guide will lead you along the cobblestone streets while bringing history to life. As you take in the beauty of the area on your walking tour, you’ll be amazed at how the well much of the original city has been preserved. But, if you also hope to explore the best of modern-day Charleson, use our Top 5 Guide to find restaurants, nightlife, breweries, shops, and more that you need to visit during your vacation.

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The Best 3 Charleston History Tours




The Annual Festival of Houses and Gardens provides a unique, exclusive glimpse into magnificent historic homes that are usually closed to the public. While you can easily appreciate their beauty from the outside, getting a chance to muse through their interiors is an awe-inducing experience.


Throughout 4-days, enjoy walking tours that lead you through iconic establishments such as the Nathaniel Russell House, whose owner was a wealthy merchant that moved to Charleston in 1765. You’ll also have the opportunity to take a peek inside the Heyward-Washington House, a stunning Georgian-style home built in 1772.


However, it’s not just houses that open their doors to visitors. Historic Lowcountry plantations such as Middleton Place and Drayton Hall also allow a special viewing into their beautifully-kept, private gardens. Middleton Place has been named “America’s oldest landscaped gardens,” while Drayton Hall is known to be the oldest example of Palladian architecture in America.




If you’d prefer to sit back relax while uncovering Charleston’s historic district, we suggest taking a carriage ride with Classic Carriage Works. They offer a comprehensive Charleston History Tour that covers more streets than you could traverse by foot. Take in the gorgeous sights and the soothing sound of horse hooves clopping leisurely against the cobblestone, while a tour guide narrates the history of the Holy City.




Many of the forts that protected the city of Charleston and its’ harbor remain standing to this day. Explore these significant landmarks by taking the Military Heritage of Charleston Tour, a 3-day experience exploring Fort Sumter, Fort Moultrie, and the Citadel. Fort Sumter is where the very first shot was fired in the Civil War, Fort Moultrie was used to fight off the British in the Revolutionary War, and the Citadel is the military college of South Carolina established in the 1800s. Each of these destinations provide a unique perspective into Charleston’s rich history.


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