Luxury Simplified Retreats is investing in something big that will enhance our client’s experience when searching online for their ideal vacation getaway. In real life, people experience things visually and spatially. We form ideas of what we perceive to be the ideal space and by connecting these perceptions to our individual tastes we form an opinion. Virtual reality 3D imaging is the ultimate viewing platform to deliver an immersive experience and allow you to explore each property in exacting detail, as if you are walking through it yourself – right from your own home!

Using Matterport 3D imaging technology, our goal is to to create virtual reality tours for all the rental properties in our portfolio, making your rental process exciting, easy and, best of all, realistic! This allows vacation rental clients to have an immersive experience and to book with confidence that what they’re renting does indeed look and feel like a luxury vacation home and is what best suits their vacation lifestyle.

How does it work? The Matterport Pro Camera is fully automated and contains a series of lenses, which rotates and scans the property with lightning-fast speed.  As it scans each of the interior spaces, it is capturing with high-definition quality imaging, each and every detail.  After all, that is how you will experience the space once you arrive – and we want to make sure the property lives up to your expectations.

As the 3D camera captures the details of the interior spaces it creates three different views. “Dollhouse View” creates a 3D suspended interactive model allowing the user to “drag and move” the property and view from all angles – much like a virtual dollhouse. “Floor Plan View” puts the property into a two dimensional viewing platform for easy access and plan differentiation. Lastly,  “Inside View” is the most interactive and easy to navigate view, allowing the viewer to virtually roam through the property as if they were physically touring it themselves. Just click and drag the screen and to move through the home in whatever way you would want to experience it for yourself.

Luxury Simplified Retreats intends to create 3D virtual reality imaging for all the luxury properties in our portfolio to provide another way for you to ensure that the rental home you book for your Charleston vacation will indeed be the perfect one for you!

NOTE:  CLICK HERE to view a demonstration of this exciting state-of-the-art technology showcasing “Studio 36,” one of our chic, luxurious rentals, located in the upscale Upper King district in downtown Charleston SC.

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