Have you met our resident Brit? Sophie Leigh-Jones came to us from “across the pond” and brought with her inspiring leadership, tons of great ideas, and silly British phrases. She has confidently led the Luxury Simplified Retreats team from day one, through every challenge and success that it has faced. She’s an integral part of the team today, building connections with our amazing homeowners and ensuring all of our guests have a 5-star experience. Here’s a chance to get to know Sophie and discover just what makes her such an indispensable part of our team!

Q: What’s your background, where are you from?

A: Well, I was born in England and I would say that I had a very normal English upbringing. When I was small I always dreamed of being Brittany Spears, a race car driver, and gymnast. I ended up studying business management at university, though I had a real interest in criminology also. As much as I miss England, and it will always be home, I’m really happy here in the US and being able to live in such a great city like Charleston.


Q: What brought you to Charleston SC?

A: I came to Charleston after university seeking more employment opportunities. I finished school right after the financial crisis and saw that my friends were having a hard time finding work in the U.K. My father was already living in Charleston and I was happy to be able to be closer to him and spend more time with him.


Q: What’s your role at Luxury Simplified Retreats?

A: As Director of Operations I oversee the department’s finances, provide our homeowners monthly financial reports and feedback, and oversee the maintenance team and problem solve when issues arise. I really love when we bring a new property into the rental portfolio.  I enjoy going to see the new property, preparing the home for its first guest and making the homeowner happy. As far as my job goes, I love the people I work with, it’s a fun place to come work every day.


Q: What’s your favorite “retreat” in the portfolio and why?

A: We have one property on Folly Beach that’s made up of three beachfront condos, The  ViewThe Vista & The VillaThey’re my favorite because I love staying beachfront, waking up to the ocean views, and sitting out on the balcony with a hot cup of tea watching early morning walkers on the beach. Plus I can walk to all of my favorite Folly Beach restaurants. Each of these condos offer rooftop views and all of them are just a great place to stay!


Q: What’s your favorite Charleston restaurant and why?

A: Xiao Bao Biscuit  because I’ve been brought up around good Asian food all my life and finding good Asian food can be a challenge. I typically go for lunch and order the Chao Fan, which changes daily. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for good Asian food in Charleston!


Q: Where’s your favorite place to vacation?

A: As much as I love Charleston, I do like to travel and just have different experiences. I recently vacationed at Lake Como, Italy … I think that is my new favorite vacation destination. I mean it was gorgeous! I can’t wait for the opportunity to go back again.

With us from the start, Sophie is an integral part of the team and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her leadership. If you ever need a recommendation on local restaurants, she’s your expert! And when it’s time to choose the right management team to handle your vacation rental investment, find out what our team can do for you, with the help of Sophie.