Welcoming a new property to our portfolio is an exciting part of our job, particularly when we have been heavily involved in its progress. This project was another one that offered us the chance to work in conjunction with the team at Luxury Simplified Construction. Located at 1 Todd Street, this home had been a dilapidated building for many years, having experienced a fire back in the 1990’s with the piazza finally collapsing in to the street in 2015.

It was zoned “commercial” and also fell within the “accommodations overlay”  which offered additional zoning exemptions making it available for use as a short-term vacation rental. That is a desirable designation on the Charleston peninsula which made it a sensible purchase for the owners. The home began its construction journey back in March of 2016, and at that time we were asked to manage the property as part of our downtown luxury portfolio upon final completion. With limited knowledge of the construction process, we watched from afar as the home continued to progress weekly to become the beautifully updated space that it is today.

With years of experience in the Charleston SC vacation rental market, we know what looks good and what ultimately makes a vacation rental feel like a “home away from home.” Therefore, as 1 Todd Street, or rather “Todd’s Place,” got to a finishing stage, we were asked to get involved. We chose the finishes in the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, fixtures, shiplap siding and so on. Having a home that is bright, clean, and freshly updated are important factors when staging an upscale vacation rental.  This is the foundation for offering a great urban getaway and vital to delivering on a feeling of luxury.

For the last few weeks, the real fun began, as Luxury Simplified Retreats headed out with an empty truck to furnish the house in preparation of welcoming our first guests. Given its location, we chose décor with an industrial, urban feel featuring plenty of ironwork, dark wood and colorful accessories to add the finishes touches. This also helped with keeping the costs of furnishing relatively low, having completed furnishing at under $20,000 for a newly renovated 3-bedroom house. With a neutral decor and flooded with natural light, the house is now ready to welcome our first guests in the new year.

Situated just a few blocks from King Street and big enough to host 6 people, this vacation house is the ideal spot for a weekend away with friends and family. With its perfect location and fresh, southern feel, our newest Charleston vacation rental, Todd’s Place is ready for your next Charleston SC vacation…