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Discover Historic Charleston Vacation Rentals

Although Charleston, SC, has become a top destination for unmatched cuisine and one-of-a-kind events, its historic roots are preserved in every aspect of the city. From traditional “shag” music and dancing to cultural sweetgrass weaving, it’s impossible to ignore the unique qualities that make up the enchanting Charleston, SC, area. Visitors and locals alike appreciate and marvel over the grand architecture of our historic homes. These treasures stand proudly throughout downtown Charleston and embody the city’s graceful, elegant feel that so many fall in love with.


Our Luxury Vacation Rentals in Charleston, SC

Luxury Simplified Retreats provides high-end, downtown Charleston rentals that encompass the entire Charleston, SC, experience. These updated homes maintain the luxurious, historic charm that people rave over while providing the conveniences of modern amenities. Our vacation rentals include prime locations around the peninsula, which put you in the heart of the city’s cobblestone streets, majestic live oaks, and established shops and restaurants. You’ll find not just a great stay in our historic Charleston vacation rentals, but you’ll begin to understand what it’s like to experience the quintessential downtown Charleston lifestyle.