Sitting at a restaurant and eating a 3-course meal is outdated. In this day and age, it’s not only about the food, but about the experience as well. Those who master this can master the future of the culinary world. Hewitt Emerson, founder of Sushikon, did just that.

“Taking someone out of their typical dining element and putting them into a unique and simulating environment” was the inspiration behind this all, says Hewitt.

So what is Sushikon you may ask?

In short, a custom made bus takes you to three local breweries all while nomming on a plethora sushi. It’s a virtual rolling sushi party!  You are indeed eating sushi on a bus one minute – and then at a brewery drinking beer in the next minute.

There is an element of surprise, as the nightly agenda is not revealed until you get on the bus. Over the course of 4 hours, you hit off-the-beaten path breweries located throughout the greater  area.  Without knowing in advance exactly what’s on the agenda is part of the fun, but rest assured whatever it is you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy both your first course and soak up the scenic views.

A WOW factor is also encompassed, as the three course Asian cuisine is out of this world. After every brewery stop, expect a table full of a fresh array of sushi. You WILL leave Sushikon happy.

Best said by Hewett, “Come with great expectations and I have a feeling that you will leave happy, surprised and elated.”

Here’s a tip for meeting the bus. Don’t chase after the bus if you see it in the street. They will pick you up right where they are supposed to at pickup time. Just want to spare you the embarrassment.

So hop on the Sushikon bus because it’s rolling deep …

NOTE:  If you’re looking for a fresh idea for a night out, Sushikon offers an out of the box culinary experience, one that you can’t find anywhere else in the WORLD. If you’re heading to Charleston on vacation and plan to stay downtown in one of our luxury accommodations, let the Retreats Concierge team help you create a sushi experience all your own!