Farmers’ Market Tour

This is one experience you would you won’t want to miss and the perfect tour to start your Charleston exploration with. It has everything a tourist would want from a tour: interesting things to see, exciting things to do, and lots of delicious food to eat. In this tour, you get to experience what it’s like to be on a cooking show. As part of a group, you pick some food items for one of the chefs to turn into a sumptuous meal. Then you take a tour through the heart of historic Charleston to the chef’s restaurant. Once you get there, you can enjoy your unique meal. What makes this tour such a huge success among tourists is that you can take it as many times as you want, and each tour will be uniquely different from the others. This Farm-to-Table Experience is available when the Charleston Farmer’s Market is open, on Saturdays from mid-April through mid-December.

Old City Jail Tour

Since this is an old city with 300 years of history behind it, you can expect to find all kinds of ancient buildings with spooky reputations. The Old City Jail is one of those “haunted” attractions. The building is almost as old as the city and has been operating for 137 years. In 1939 its service as a jail came to an end even though its structure is still intact. Take a tour inside the belly of this building and learn about some of its most notorious inhabitants. Expect lots of murder stories and a few creepy anecdotes to give you the shivers.

Charleston things to do: The Bar Crawl

Once you’ve become all good and spooked, it’s time to put the old downtown behind you and head to some out of the way areas. This bus tour will take you to some of the oldest breweries in Charleston. Enjoy your sushi and beer as you explore some of the finest establishments in craft brewing in this historic city.

Charleston, SC city tours provide tourists a unique experience that doesn’t disappoint. Wherever you go and whichever tour you choose, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself. So call us today to book your Charleston vacation rental and let our Concierge team handle the details.


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