Inshore Charleston Fishing Charters

Inshore charters cover mainly the marsh estuaries of the rivers flowing through and around Charleston. These include the Cooper River, Ashley River, Wando River, as well as the Charleston Harbor itself. Fish such as cobia, tarpon, sea bass, stingray, and sharks abound in these waters. You can use either live or artificial bait to catch fish from the docks, oyster mounds, and tidal flats and creeks.

Nearshore Charleston Fishing Charters

Charleston nearshore fishing charters take you out of the Charleston harbor into the Atlantic Ocean. On average you’d be between 2 to 10 miles away from the shore. But here you will be able to target deep-water species such as black sea bass, Spanish mackerel, as well as spadefish, cobia, and tarpon, although those last three are season dependent. Since you will be fishing out in the open ocean, expect a change of technique from inshore fishing. You can use bottom fishing near the artificial reefs, sight fishing, and “free lining” live baits. Again, here you can either use artificial or live baits.

Dolphin Sighting and Shark Teeth Collecting Tours

For those who prefer to comb the beach instead of casting lines on fishing charters, Charleston, SC offers great opportunities to collect bounties from the sea. Morris Island is a favorite among shell collectors. Its beaches are covered with beautiful shells of all colors, shapes, and sizes. You could also get lucky and find shark teeth there. Because the island sits at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean it also attracts dolphins which you can view frolicking in the water. Be ready to snap some great pictures of the dolphins and whatever you find on the beach.

Whether you like to go fishing in and around Charleston or you just prefer to view the historic city from the waters, there are charters and tours for every purpose. Start planning your trip; download our FREE Insider’s Guide to Charleston. Contact us today to book your vacation rental.